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Green Pay MasterCard

"We decided to do our part to reduce global warming by bringing to market an innovative credit card program to satisfy consumer demand for carbon neutrality," said Andrew Mathieson, CEO and Founder of Fintura Corporation. "We understand this is a small step towards solving the climate crisis, however, we believe if we all do just a little, collectively we can increase public awareness and make a significant difference."

Consumers who obtain the GreenPay MasterCard credit card, issued by MetaBank, will automatically earn a new account activation bonus equivalent to 10,000 pounds of CO2 offsets-the average annual CO2 emission of a car in the U.S(1). These offsets will be retired upon the first purchase made using the card.

For every net dollar spent using the GreenPay MasterCard credit card, five pounds of CO2 will be retired. To further help the environment, for every net dollar spent on gasoline and household utilities, 10 pounds of CO2 will be offset. Consumers can become "carbon neutral" by using the card and pay no annual membership fees. Complete card program details are located at

Carbon offsetting works by investing funds in sequestration or energy efficiency projects that absorb or prevent the release of a pound of CO2 equivalent to a consumer's carbon footprint. Carbon offsets acquired by GreenPay MasterCard cardholders spending activity are applied to a growing number of diverse Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) sanctioned offset programs ranging from agricultural, landfill and coal mine methane projects to renewable energy and forestry projects to agricultural and rangeland soil carbon management projects.



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